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Creating Kerb Appeal

Creating Kerb Appeal

March 26, 2015

We spend much time and money improving our homes but the front garden is often last on the list or gets neglected completely.  However, creating kerb appeal, by giving your front garden a makeover, will have both emotional and financial benefits.  Not only is it an important view from the house (often the living area […]

Building A Dream – II

Building A Dream – II

November 17, 2014

Much has happened in the last few months on the Northants project, so I thought I would capture the main points in a simple, ‘Ups and Downs So Far’ blog.  Here’s a flavour of what’s been happening a third of the way in. DOWNS Mud, mud, not so glorious mud…  And managing water and drainage on a clay site […]

An Unusual Collaboration

An Unusual Collaboration

September 29, 2014

I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte Spencer, a contemporary dance choreographer about 18 months ago on a workshop.  We did a few exercises to focus in on how we can influence how people walk through a space.   Simple yet it had a profound effect on my design work ever since.  Then we […]

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