Anoushka Feiler has collaborated with Nicholas Cosens, a leading prop master and furniture designer, for several years, creating beautiful bespoke furniture for Bestique clients.  The furniture is handcrafted and made in Britain by quality craftsmen.

Bestique Rustic Table

Available in three sizes. Regular (2m long), Long (3m long) and Extra Long (4m long).  The table width is 1m.

The wood is solid oak which will over time will over time weather to a lovely rustic grey patina. The hooped metal legs are galvanised.  There is a zinc tray which runs down the centre of the table 200mm deep x 200mm wide.  This tray was designed to hold plants (we recommend keeping the plants in their pots so you can change the table display easily) or ice to keep wine chilled for dinner parties.  However it could be used for a wide variety of  decorative purposes. It has a tray lid to cover the tray when it is not being used.  In the bottom of the trays are small plug holes which can allow water through as needed.

Bestique Rustic Bench

Available in one size.  1.8m long x 0.45m deep

The bench is available to order (6-8 week lead time).  The bench seat is made of solid Oak which will gradually weather to a rustic grey.  The galvanised metal legs are shaped in hoops to match the Bestique Rustic Table.

For prices and an order form, please email

Garden Table under a Caoopy of  Plane Trees

A garden table, with a ribbon of Mind Your Own Business down the centre, placed under a canopy of Plane leaves

Anoushka Feiler Bestique Old Rectory Quinton201576