Anoushka Feiler – Landscape Designer and Founder

Anoushka has a Master’s Degree in Geography from Cambridge University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Horticulture and Garden Design. She has won numerous awards including RHS Gold, Best in Show and People’s Choice and is best known for her beautiful and distinctive 21st century design ideas.


Dan Lobb – Landscape Designer

Dan creates beautiful, functional and sustainable outdoor spaces, where Environmental considerations are always at the forefront. A background in fine art sculpture enables him to bring an instinctive and creative flair to each project; blending spatial design with his practical knowledge of horticulture.


Naomi Alcantara – Studio Director

Having studied visual communications at Art college, Naomi spent many years within the London property sector gaining expert market knowledge and a valuable insight into the psychology behind turning a house into a home. Naomi loves design and brings her creative passion to the Bestique studio.