Anoushka Feiler and her team at Bestique Studio create beautiful cutting-edge gardens and landscapes. They offer a comprehensive design and project management service seeing garden designs through to completion.  Bestique is a multiple award winning practice including RHS Gold and Best in Show.

Anoushka is known for her strong conceptual design ideas and a sense of style that transcends into truly inspirational, timeless and sophisticated outdoor spaces. Designs draw upon the location, the sense of place, and the surrounding architecture while always keeping the client’s brief at their heart. Anoushka’s designs communicate a story, create an experience and heighten the senses with unique and avant-garde elements central to the theme.

The beauty and effect of successful planting is equally important, and her ideas span from wild and ephemeral to bold, clean and architectural planting styles. Incredible detailing, craftsmanship and up-cycling are also key tenets of her work.

Her design approach is distinctly 21st century.  For more information on this, please read our blog on 21st century garden and landscape design.

Anoushka is interested in pushing the boundaries of garden design, creating new perspectives and experiences. She has designed several projects for Cityscapes, who work with leading garden designers to create garden installations in public spaces in partnership with London’s major cultural institutions.

Anoushka’s passion for garden design comes from a life-long love of beautiful natural landscapes, ecology, art and the environment. Her interest in studying people and their ever-changing interaction with their environment and the spaces around them, strongly influences her design approach.