This garden was transformed into a wonderful social space; featuring an outdoor kitchen, patios, lawn and a cosy hidden area for teenagers to hang out at the back of the garden.

The concept for the garden was ‘space’ and was inspired by the David Harber sculpture ‘Dark Matter’ which formed the main focal point within the garden. The sculpture was placed behind a hedge, then a circle cut within the hedge frames the sculpture. This not only adds more drama, it also invites you to explore the garden fully, raising the question, ‘what else lies behind the hedge?’.

Spheres throughout the garden represent planets and CorTen rings act as orbiting features. The hard landscaping materials were specifically chosen to represent light and dark. The paving is cut up in lines of orbit, linking one area to the next. The main axis pathway through the garden is interrupted by planting, forcing you to take more time to notice and appreciate the planting. At night the garden comes alive bringing many moons into the garden.

Photographs: Darryl Moore