The Old Rectory is a large three acre country garden.  Our clients had a vision for to create a truly special garden.  The planting is very young as it was planted in 2015 but the photographs still capture the essence of the garden.

The front garden shared a drive with the neighbouring property.  It was dark and untidy and there was a distinct feeling you had arrived at the back of a house.  We created a new private driveway entrance and focused on shifting the focus away from the house and making the front garden feel impressive with understated elegance as well as ensuring there was ample parking and ease of movement.

Taking the Old Rectory’s history and its religious setting as a key starting point, the main garden at the back of the house has been divided into the six parts of an 18th century ‘perfect’ garden:

  • a kitchen garden
  • an orangery / glasshouse
  • a menagerie
  • a pleasure garden
  • a park
  • an orchard

Throughout this garden it was important that the garden felt connected with the beautiful house.  Elements of 18th design such as formal structure’s, parterre’s, topiary, long walks, occasional seating areas and traditional craft work have been introduced.  However, everything has been given a contemporary twist often through the use of modern materials, sculpture, planting and furnishings.  The pleasure garden is certainly a 21st Century pleasure garden with its golf studio, putting green, natural swimming pool and spa pool.

Running throughout are hidden nods to Christianity.  The dominating structure of the garden is based on a large cross.  There are angels, gothic arches, repetition of white sculptural details and as a kind of counterbalance, a dose of fire and brimstone.

The idea was to create a kind of personal ‘heaven’.  Heavenly planting, French romanticism, beautiful views, well thought out pathways, a seat just when you need it, with elements of play all the way through; all to ensure the garden is truly a ‘pleasure’.

Photography Copyright: Clive Nichols

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