It’s a family and friend freecycle affair

On the structure in the centre of the garden will hang garden tools to symbolise that every good idea and to ‘think big’, needs the right tools to make it a reality. I wanted them to be painted in silver to create a sculptural effect. Acquiring the tools has been far from easy due to […]

Plant fear sets in

I went down to visit Ann-Marie Powell’s garden build at Chelsea a couple of times last month. It was incredible to see all the show gardens being built side-by-side. When it came to planting time, I watched teams of volunteers planting thousands of plants with more than the upmost of care and attention to detail […]

So many ickle bits to sort out…

Things have been progressing fast as the build for Hampton Court fast approaches. I went down to Hampton Court to meet Mandy the show manager. They had marked out where the site is going to be and how big – and big it is!!! So exciting!!! The garden flooring has been a bit of a […]