“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”. Walt Disney

Thanks Dad.

The single most worrying element of our concept garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show has been the ‘sky’s the limit’ boundary fence.  It’s huge – 2m high, just over 1.75m deep and spans a 12 m diameter.  All in all you will have to walk over 28m to walk its perimeter.

When I designed the garden it was a project; I never dreamt that I would be making it a reality.  Cost was not on my agenda at that point.

Over the last two months there have been many moments when this boundary has jeopardised the project.  There have been quite a few nights where I’ve lain awake in the small hours wondering whether or not to back out as it seemed just too cost prohibitive.   The initial idea was that the mirrored edge would be curved not just in one direction but two.  The first quote I got back was well over my total budget for the whole garden.  So I had to rethink.  Making the curve multi-faceted rather than a pure curve has brought the boundary within the realms of possibility.

Who could I trust implicitly to make this behemoth structure, accurately and of the quality I need it to be?  And at a reasonable cost?  My long suffering Dad.

I remember phoning him up a few weeks ago, discussing it with him, knowing his initial reaction would be one of barriers and problems as he worked through the problems to find a solution that can be done.  Humouring him whilst he ruminated, I remember wondering whether he would fancy the project himself (my real intention) or just offer advice.  Thank goodness he fell for my poorly veiled plan to get him involved.

So today after ordering his shopping list last Friday, a big lorry turned up at my childhood home with a stack of wood that took 3 hours to move just half of it.

Today a milestone has been reached. My Dad has started building with great gusto and excitement (as it is apparently a bit more straightforward than fitting my sister’s kitchen).

He had better slow down or it will be done by the weekend and then I’ll have to find him another job… yes please I hear my mum say.


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