Filming with BEEB – a good way to spend the day

I spent the day at my parents house being filmed for the forthcoming BBC programme on Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.  There was something quite lovely about being back in the home I grew up in.  At the same time the setting was slightly ironic in that my parent’s garden couldn’t be more different from the garden I’m creating at Hampton Court.

Anoushka Feiler

Our piece, which tracks our journey to get ready for the show, is going out on the preview programme on Monday 4th July (I think).

I didn’t quite realise how long these things take.  I think our piece will be 4 minutes but the filming took a day and there’s more filming to come at the show when the garden’s built.  With the sun frequently disappearing behind clouds and previously unnoticed sound of aeroplanes flying overhead, it meant that it was very stop-start.  That was fine by me.  Is it bad to admit that I loved the whole experience?  I don’t think I’ll be saying that when I actually see myself on the programme.  Maybe I just won’t watch it so my bubble isn’t burst.

We had a great film crew and far from being tiring, it was very relaxing.   My dad, waiting to be filmed building the boundary, was perhaps more than a little nervous at first, which is not a side of him I’m familiar with, but that soon wore off. And maybe even the crew had a good time – my mum certainly helped with her home-made scones (yes for all who know her – home-made I promise – definitely not Waitrose – far more superior), sandwiches and tea on tap.

I’m glad too there wasn’t much mentioned on the fact I’m now heavily pregnant with twins.  It would take away from the focus on the garden.  I suppose  there is a risk that I may not make it to the show but its not something I’m thinking about as I’m sure it will be fine.  I think others are more worried about this than me.  My conversation with Caroline from the BBC went like this.  Call one.  What if you have the twins early – what happens then?  Answer – they won’t it will be fine.  Call two.  I just need to be sure, if you go into labour, who will do the garden? David our contractor, my dad and Ann-Marie Powell.   Call three.  Have you bought any baby clothes?  Answer – no not yet.

Seriously I am going to hang myself upside down if there is the slightest hint the little bubs feel the pull of gravity getting too much.  Anyway – they’re having far too much fun tap dancing, playing football, boxing each other and generally letting me know they’re happy in my bump.  Incidentally we’ve nicknamed them Fred and Ginger.

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