‘Catastrophising’ is a good thing…I hope!

So what ‘glitzy projects’, a good friend of mine asked me last night, have I got on this year?  Well, having caught the ‘show bug’ last year, I’m returning to Hampton Court.  This time I’m embarking on an even bigger challenge – a show garden.

In a way, you would think it would be easier.  It’s not my first show so I know what to expect this time round.  Thanks to last year, I have some brilliant contacts and amazing partners who I know I can trust to deliver.  Despite being completely ANAL planning wise and having spent HOURS on the minutiae, pre-show nerves are still creeping into my nights.  I’m not having nightmares but I do find myself lying awake ‘catastrophising’ as another very good friend calls it.

One of my big learnings from last year was to expect the unexpected and to contingency plan.  So by ‘catastrophising’ I’m making sure that I’ve covered all the bases as much as is possible.  That’s a good thing right?  The lorry’s smashed all the pavers in transit – what do I do?…  The special trees I am sourcing from the Netherlands have turned up and the branches are all broken…the water feature isn’t working…the plants aren’t flowering on time and aren’t big enough…my Dad has cut off one of his fingers….(this has actually happened!)….aaaaahhhh!

So the dark circles forming around my eyes aren’t the result of having 9 month old twins in the house (who incidentally are dream sleepers), but are the result of ‘catastrophising’.   Hopefully, if you come along to this year’s show, you will be able to judge for yourself whether it’s all been worth it.  Fingers crossed it will be… I love all this worrying really! 🙂



  1. melissajolly says:

    Hey Anoushka, fantastic to hear you’re doing a show garden at Hampton this year. I’ll keep reading the blogs, and come and see you there. Good luck, and fingers tightly crossed that catastrophes are minimal!

  2. Hello lovely! I was just thinking about you the other day. How are you doing? Would be lovely to catch up. Are you coming to Hampton Court?

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