How To Create Kerb Appeal

We spend much time and money improving our homes but the front garden is often last on the list or gets neglected completely.  However, creating kerb appeal, by giving your front garden a makeover, will have both emotional and financial benefits.  Not only is it an important view from the house (often the living area window looks out onto it) but it is the first and last thing we see as we get home at night and we leave in the morning.  Moreover, it’s the first impression visitors or potential buyers get of your home.

The functional requirement of front gardens tends to be simpler than for back gardens as typically you will not be using it to sit in, dine, lounge or play.   The usual requirement is a path to the front door,  somewhere to store rubbish or bikes and aesthetically, something that looks good from both the house and the street.  Lighting is important both to give you safe passage through the garden and also to improve security.  Privacy is another factor that often comes up as net curtains are largely a thing of the past.   With these requirements in mind, it means there is wonderful scope to focus on creating a front garden that is a little different from your neighbours.   There’s something lovely about watching people walk down the road, stop and admire your front garden.  If you’re in need of some inspiration, have a look at my article in this month’s Garden’s Illustrated Magazine (April 2015) which features three very different front gardens designs.


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