This project in conjunction with Cityscapes and the RHS, presented a fresh approach to garden design in urban spaces, run in partnership with the RHS. Utilising materials from a RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden in May 2013, four new versions of the garden were created in the courtyard of the Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank.  The second Remix Garden, designed by Anoushka Feiler, presented an eruption of materials and plants, scattering colour across the courtyard, in a riotous array of colour, form and texture.  

The installation was an explosive scene of plants breaking free from the hard materials, showing how grey urban spaces can be transformed into vibrant green spaces bursting with life, an inspiration to ‘free the green’. The work filled the entire courtyard, derailling any possibility of a singular focal point. A deck chair at the rear end of the garden underneath an apple tree, created a spot for pause, relaxing and reflection, freed of all constraints.